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G 520 NG Brochure


G 520 NG -  The perfect platform for high altitude reconnaissance and surveillance

Developed and Certified in 1991, the GROB G 520 is one of the world’s largest fully composite manned and unmanned aircraft, providing an ideal system platform for OPV/UAV applications (Optionally Piloted Vehicle).

The flexible payload-bay concept of the G 520 can accommodate multiple mission systems for both civilian and military applications and operations with a minimum of integration and modification lead time.

Based on its proven airframe and systems reliability the G 520 mitigates development risks for future UAV and/or system developments. The G 520 is the cost efficient performance platform for the UAV and OPV requirements of the 21st century, both in the HALE and MALE performance/application sector.

Full reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities.

The G 520 NG features:

  • Long endurance, high altitude performance
  • Short runway capabilities
  • Reconfigurable payload installation
  • Full approval for all-weather IFR/Icing operations acc. to LBA/FAA Part 23 regulations

12 payload compartments for up to 1000 kg of mission equipment makes the G 520 an ideal multi-role platform for a wide range of missions. Depending on payload the G 520 has a range up to 5000 km (2700 NM) or up to 11 Hrs (UAV 32 Hrs) on stage time in all weather conditions.

The G 520 success story is continuing.