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Martin Baker Mk 17 - Ultra Lightweight Escape System for the G 120TP

Martin Baker is the world’s largest manufacturer of ejection seats and is dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of life saving aviation equipment.

The Martin-Baker Mk 17 ejection seat is ultra-lightweight, compact and very simple in design and operation, specifi cally developed for primary trainer aircraft where seat weight and size are critically important. The seat provides safe escape capability for aircraft speeds in the range 60 knots (at ground level, on the runway) to 300 knots calibrated airspeed (KCAS) and pressure altitudes in the range sea level to 25,000 ft. The seat is capable of providing safe escape for aircrew in the weight range 103 to 245 lbs (47 to 111 kg) nude.

Full military mission training capability.

The optional Martin-Baker Mk 17 ejection seats add further safety to instructor and student while advancing into more dynamic manoevers during the training schedule. Especially designed for the G 120TP operation, the ejection seat is fully automatic and cartridge operated, providing safe escape for most combinations of aircraft altitude, speed, attitude and flight path.